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learning thai massage with bodymind thai

Thai Massage is not a massage modality that one learns in a weekend, or from a book or video, but through practice and a serious commitment to learning. If you have a serious desire to learn, I will teach you everything I can; when I have nothing more to teach you, I will refer you to places and people that can further support your development and understanding. With that said, it is important to note that a student could practice Level I material for many years in order to become comfortable with the subtleties of this profound energy work.

Here are some perspectives from students:

"In his teaching, Rick Haesche conveys the rich depth of Thai Massage without loosing the student in it's complexities. His understanding of the mind, body, and spirit as it transforms during the learning process is a gift which has opened new doors of awareness for many students pursuing the art of Traditional Thai Massage." - R.L.

Ricks Thai classes/workshops are well presented. He offers an informed approach to learning the technique in a fun and safe way. He opens the class with a brief focus/meditation to bring everyone into awareness of their own bodies to better address the client. Rick is very helpful and answers all of our questions with knowledge and levity. The material presented is easily absorbed so each student is sent home with clear intention to practice further. Ricks patience and understanding is what makes him an exceptional teacher - W.J.

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