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about bodymind thai

bodymind thai supports your deep need for peace.

All of us have in our hearts a deep longing for simplicity, peace, and authenticity; an opportunity to drop into the full experience of who we are, without having to meet others expectations, or to "be" anything other than what we are.

We long to feel the full experience of our bodies, to feel the breath move the body.

We aspire to an experience of higher consciousness where the body, mind, and spirit may be aligned and be healed.

As we do our work, our light lifts others around us, and the planet is healed of illusion, greed, and desire.

In addition to everything else we do every day, this is the work of our lives.

We believe that the body holds the keys to our growth, and through giving and receiving  thai bodywork, doors and windows that were once inaccessible to us are unlocked, and every room in the house becomes open and alive and ready for spirit. When the spirit has moved into every room in the house, the house becomes a home; health and wellness in body, mind and spirit immediately follow.

Rick H
aesche is a licensed massage therapist and Thai Massage Student, Practitioner, and Instructor. He was introduced to Thai Massage in 1994 at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy while undertaking western massage studies. He has studied Nuad Bo Rarn, or Traditional Thai Massage, with Maxine Shapiro, Dr. Pierce Salguero, Chongkol Settakorn, Kam Thye Chow, Jason Beasley, Koji, Laura Covington, Yogi Tevijjo,.and many others. He has found that his years of practice and study of Thai Massage have enhanced his sensitivity and technique, and students report that his classes are authentic, informative and transformational. Rick has a practice in Mansfield CT and Newington CT, and lives in the woods of rural northeast Connecticut with his wife Tina (a massage therapist as well), daughters Lucy and Zoe, two cats, seven chickens, and a dog. 
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