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Thai Massage is unlike any massage you've ever experienced.

Thai Massage is performed on a mat on the floor, with the recipient in loose, comfortable clothing. The practitioner begins at the feet, and works slowly and quietly in pressing, stretching, pulling and twisting the body. The pracititioner will use hands, feet, elbows, thumbs as well as body mechanics and body counter-weight. The minimum 90 minute session may have you on your back, your side, your stomach and in a seated position. During the session a deep relaxation usually develops, the breath slows and deepens, capillaries exand, oxygen feeds every cell of the body, the mind is calm and the body is at rest. where healing fields are best tended. 

Areas of the body that are tight and tense are worked systematically yet intuitively, with the intent of not only bringing fresh blood and oxygen to exhausted muscle tissue, but to also inspire a greater sense of bodymind awareness, as well as a shift in the energy flow through the receivers body.

Please understand that Thai Massage is not just for the young, athletic, or overly flexible - this form of bodywork can be performed with any body, regardless of age, ability, flexibility, level of pain, or extent of injury, discomfort, disease, or dysfunction.

Rick offers Thai Massage Sessions and Classes at his studio at 95 Kitts Lane, Newington CT.

He has flexible day, evening and Saturday appointments available.
Rates for Sessions:
Half hour: $40
One hour: $80
90 Minutes: $120

Please call Rick at 860.913.7500 for more information and to schedule your appointment.
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