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Thai Abdominal Massage with Felicity Joy
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Thai Abdominal Massage with Felicity Joy

Thai Abdominal Massage with Felicity Joy
Wednesday Oct 3 through Sunday, Oct 7
9:00 - 5:00
Tuition: $750
CLICK HERE to reserve your seat with a $200 deposit.

What is Thai Abdominal Massage?

This is a melding of Chi Nei Tsang or Taoist/Chinese abdominal massage, and Thai soft abdomen massage.  These two skills have grown together over years of Traditional Thai massage therapist, questing to heal abdominal issues and finding effective methods in both modalities. 


There is so much confusion in the world today about food and health.  We have so many digestive issues that doctors do not know how to deal with, and we have so many emotional issues surrounding and trapped in the soft abdomen inhibiting correct function. 


As body workers we are a great source of information about how to live, due to the fact that Thai massage at its base, is natural healing preformed as an act of compassion practiced in an environment of meditative spirituality.  We approach the body not as a machine but as a physical body with an energy system running though it, and an emotional creature whose feelings can change the structure and physiology of the physical body, with subconscious understandings all wrapped up in a spiritual being having a human experience.


Most advanced therapists of Thai massage tell the same story of how my massage practice healed ME.  And this is the greatest thing you will gain, to now your body better, and by knowing your self it will become easy to know how to help others.


course outline

On this first level we will be focusing on detoxifying and assisting the digestive process.  If we cannot digest effectively we will have no energy, if we cannot de-toxify we will feel irritable and uncomfortable in the world. We will start with the top layer of the body, the skin and learn how to detoxify it.  We then work into the facial layer, unblocking adhesions, and facial chains, and releasing scars. We will then work on the main muscles of the abdomen and how to relax them.  Next is the digestive system from the stomach to the rectum, how to recognise manifestation, and shift blockages and softly advise the client.  We start to diagnose from looking at the emotional state to help reveal the root cause of a problem.  Finally we learn the sen lines of the abdomen as these will stimulate the body's' natural desire to return to health.


our facilitator

Felicity Joy started here training in the Old Medicine Hospital in 1989 after following the advice of her Jain meditation teacher, in Meharali to become an energetic body worker.  Here was where she first met Asokananda and Prichet.  Finding that this work was exactly what she had been looking for she returned to Thailand each year for months to study with anyone prepared to teach her.  She spent many years studying with Chiayuth, Prichet and Asokananda  Lek Chiaya in Chiang Mai and Super Lek on Kho Saumi, 'The Mama' in Chiang Rai and many other teachers in Bangkok and beyond.  In the late 1990's she reconnected with Asokananda and became a teacher for his network.  In 2004 Max at Sunshine Massage School Chiang Mai invited her to teach advanced course and so moved to Thailand.  In 2002  Khun Ni asked her to come and study abdominal work with her and a deep friendship ensued.  She has collated much information from many masters, who tend give out pieces of information about abdominal massage.  This information is difficult to obtain as is considered "secret" or "magical" and spiritual in nature and not to be given to those who will not respect this kind of work.  So a dedicated student must sit for many years with her teacher to make the kind of investment worthy of receiving specialist knowledge.  Felicity Joy is also a naturopath, Iridologist and practices many forms of body work from Sports injury massage to Reiki, cranial sacral to Thai therapeutic massage.  She has lived in Thailand for the past 12 years and travels the world giving treatments and teaching therapeutic massage.

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