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Nephyr Jacobsen Thai Element Theory & Massage Weekend Intensive
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Nephyr Jacobsen Thai Element Theory & Massage Weekend Intensive
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professional programs

If you have explored Thai Massage at all, you realize that it is an indepth, comprehensive form of bodywork; if you look again, it quickly becomes clear that one does not attend a weekend workshop,  or even a 10-day certification class, then go out and market themselves as a Thai Massage Practitioner. A lot of practice and development goes in to learning and becoming comfortable and effective in this work.

In our classes, we believe that through seeing the work demonstrated, hearing the technique described, feeling the work, practicing in a supervised setting, receiving constructive feedback, logging hours of home practice with practice partners, and receiving direct guidance and consultation with qualified instructors, the student begins to refine their skills and understanding while developing and honing the sensitivity and intuition required to perform this unique form of bodywork.

We currently offer four Levels of instruction which can be taken separately or as our 200 hour program, which is designed to met new State of Connecticut Requirements for Thai practitioners. Please inquire to discuss your qualifications.

The 200 hour Immersion:
This a comprehensive study of the theory and practice of the Thai Bodywork arts. History, Philosophy, Wai Khru, Element Theory, bodywork and adjunct therapies are included. Homework, reading assignments and practice logs are required throughout the program in order for participants to develop foundational understanding and knowledge, as well as feeling, sensing, and responding. In the last 3 months of their studies, students will work in a supervised clinical setting, designing session plans and charting outcomes for real clients with everyday issues. This program enables Yoga Teachers with a minimum of 200 hours Yoga Alliance recognized Teacher training to practice Thai Yoga in the State of Connecticut. Yoga Teachers with 200 hours of Thai training do not need a massage license to perform Thai Massage in Connecticut.

Level One
The basic foundation of Thai Massage, we spend time learning techniques, body mechanics, and sensing and feeling. The student will be exposed to the "classic routine", which is essentially what is taught at schools in Chiang Mai, Thailand today. An additional 20 hours of logged practice, 6 hours receiving, personal supervision, and consultation with the Instructor are required in order to satisfactorily complete the course.

Thai Massage Level II:
The Level II class is also 40 hours, and presents Elemental Theory and WInds, as well as Side Lying postures, and abdominal massage. For Level II Certification, the student must complete 20 hours of logged practice, 6 hours of receiving, personal supervision and consultation.  

Thai Massage Level III:                                                                                                                                                               Level III requires 40 in class hours, 20 practice logs, and 6 receiving logs as well. Level III explores adjunct therapies like cupping and the use of Herbal compresses in the treatment of specific conditions. Level III also presents advanced postures and requires the student to work in the bodymind thai clinic for 10 of their 20 practice logs.

Thai Massage Level IV:                                                                                                                                                                      

20 hours. Level IV covers diagnosis and treatment of common concerns. Students will perform 10 sessions at the bodymind clinic in addition to submitting a research paper on Thai Massage/Thai Medicine related topics.

as These courses are presented in a 5-hour stand alone format where specific areas of concern are the focus. Causes, effects, symptoms, and treatment protocols are covered in the classes. Some examples of the Practical Applications Courses are:

  • Thai Massage for Chronic Low Back Pain
  • Thai Massage for the Table

Supervised Practice:
An exchange group that meets roughly once a month to refine skills, ask questions, practice technique and routine, and be supported by other Thai Massage Pracititioners and Students.

The bodymind center is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as a Continuing Education Approved Provider.

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